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Ashley Northington

is a natural storyteller who is dead set on helping people, organizations and brands share their stories with the world. She is the founder and director of the boutique public relations firm, DENOR Brands & Public Relations.

An award-winning public relations consultant, entrepreneur, and writer, Ashley has dedicated her professional career to providing the public with meaningful information that empowers them to make informed decisions and advocate for positive change. Her career spans more than a decade, and includes reporting for The Tennessean, Nashville’s local newspaper, national news reporting for USA Today, election coverage for the Associated Press and multimedia and public education reporting work for The Times in Shreveport, Louisiana.

She has also served at the Louisiana Department of Education as Press Secretary and a Public Information Officer. Additionally, she served as a Research Analyst, focusing on public education policy issues at the Bureau of Governmental Research in New Orleans.

Why she loves her work

Ashley loves developing engaging communication strategies that position her clients as authorities in the market. She employes her “no-dropped-balls” policy for each project she takes on to ensure the best results. She is passionate about helping people define their brands, develop their stories and share them with the world. She is absolutely wild about sharing her story and helping you tell yours.

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My first experience with Ashley was through social media. She has stuck out as a subject matter expert in that field for length of time that I have known her. All the while being a social media guru, she has shown herself to be a connector of industry experts, which is something I value highly. She is a PR genius, but she serves to be so much more in the business world. Lofty praises to Ashley for what she does and how she does it.

Adrian J. R. Davis | Crown Davis Memberships

Ashley Northington is a true thought leader in her industry. I think there are three things that cause her to stand out in a crowd of communication and business professionals: she is extremely thoughtful and incredibly thorough; she possesses a really strong attention to detail; and she employs a 100 percent No Dropped Balls policy – she always follows up and holds people accountable. Because she only takes on projects about which she is passionate, she will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Raymond Allmon | Education Advocacy Fellow, 50 Can

Ashley is exceptional at what she does! I am in the education market, and most people don't understand how that niche works. Ashley was able to help me with several strategies as it relates to branding and growing my business. She was straightforward, strategic and serious about her work. She helped me understand how my personal brand can help grow business. She provided examples that were relevant to my industry and specific to my business. I would highly recommend her as a consultant.

Iyea Brandy | New Teacher Bootcamp

I love how Ashley helped me craft, communicate and develop my brand story with more depth, enthusiasm, and meaning. Her tips and tools are awesome, and they have definitely added value to the way I plan on branding and positioning myself as an expert. I love her laser-focused concepts and her approach the pyramid of positioning. I really learned a lot of new things to help me better target my ideal audience!

Brandon Mack | Author, Coach of #IRiseforLove

Ashley is amazing! She gave me awesome advice and really helped me understand how to work my networks. I was just touching the surface! I feel that I can do this after talking to her, and I don’t feel overwhelmed because of how she communicated the steps! I’m excited.

Kehinde Ishangi | The Ishangi Institute

Ashley is extremely knowledgeable about branding your company and developing your personal brand. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level and to understand my business needs and future goals for the company. She offers packages and solutions to help you meet those goals by essentially becoming a part of your team (which I really need). On top of all that, Ashley is a great person to work with who is professional, pleasant and responsive. I feel very fortunate to have Ashley as a part of my team to assist me in taking my business to the next level.

Roberta Pettis | President, FocusWorks Consulting Group

Ashley did an amazing job planning and coordinating our five-year anniversary celebration, Light Up the Night for a Brighter Future. It was all that I could have imagined and more. I am forever grateful! She did an exceptional job!

Alma C. Stewart, President, Louisiana Center for Health Equity

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