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We are a team of powerful people committed to finding new and exciting ways to communicate on behalf of people, brands, organizations and companies. We specialize in results. Period. Our staff’s expertise includes a myriad of competencies for developing and executing any public relations, marketing or branding campaign. Whether your image needs a fresh look, or if you need help sharing your unique story with the masses, or anything in between, we strategically and meticulously determine what, how, and to whom it should be presented.

Our Approach

We have more than a decade of experience in communications. We communicate, coordinate and disseminate information through various media, such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media and electronic sources. We’ve developed brands, created effective public relations campaigns and more. We’ve also written stellar news stories, designed eye-catching press and marketing materials and planned rocking events. Learn more about our experience.

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Social Media Strategy

We specialize in creating effective social media marketing strategies that support your additional marketing efforts and help bolster your bottom line. We will help select the best social platforms for your business, create content for each platform, and engage your followership.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is all about creating stellar content. We will produce authoritative content and put it in the right places online so that your ideal audience finds it; thus, giving you the opportunity to build a relationship and make sales.

Media Management

We’ll answer media inquiries, schedule interviews, pitch story ideas and set up appearances for you. The long-term process of telling your brand’s story through the media and other channels to that your brand is viewed in a positive light. 

Writing & Research

Can’t seem to find the right words for your latest announcement, annual report or upcoming presentation? Don’t worry. We can help. We’ll craft the right words that help you communicate your most important messages.


We’d be happy to work with your team. We’ll become an extension of it and conduct an extensive audit of your existing communication processes to see what’s working and what isn’t. We will offer our expertise to provide you with a solid strategy that engages and connects with your intended audience.

Brand Development

What is your story? We will craft the perfect brand messaging for your business and strategize to ensure it reaches the intended audience. We will also develop your logo, web site and other brand materials.

Public Relations

Launching a new product? Opening a new office? We will find the right platforms to tell your story. We’ll help you leverage your web site, blog, social media and other tools, as well as work with local, national and niche media outlets to get the word out about your special news.

Event Marketing

We will conceptualize, plan and execute a rocking event to showcase your brand, interact with your ideal audience, and share your great news.

Lifestyle Marketing

Introducing a new product or releasing a new book or song? We can help you strategize and execute a solid plan that will help you reach your audience.


Need your team up-to-speed on the most engaging communication strategies? We can customize a training program that helps your team learn how to package your expertise and share it with your target audience in a meaningful way.

Workshop Facilitation

We enjoy group work. We’re happy to facilitate workshops on public relations, marketing, brand development and business strategy.

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