It is with great excitement that I announce I am joining the RW Jones Agency as its newest Vice President and Managing Director. RW Jones is a national public relations and issues management firm hyper-focused on the topic I know best and am most passionate about: education. As a part of its leadership team, I will manage the agency’s new relationships with multiple educational institutions, with a special emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority serving institutions nationwide. My home base will continue to be Nashville.

For more than 30 years, RW Jones has helped colleges and universities tell their reputation-defining stories. It is the largest boutique public relations firm in the country providing specialized service to institutions of higher education. Since 1987, it has supported more than 100 colleges, universities and affiliated organizations in their strategic communications, media relations and issues management efforts.

This transition will be effective on October 1.

For those of you who have been loyal DENOR clients for years, and for those who have only joined our fold within the last few weeks or months, not much will change for you. I will still serve as your primary point of contact. I’ll still manage your account, and you’ll still receive the same high-quality of work that you were accustomed to receiving with DENOR. Yes, I’ll have a different email address. Yes, there may be some new faces to introduce you to, but together we’ll continue to do great public relations work on behalf of your organization. While RW Jones specializes in higher education, this does not mean that I will only work on education-related projects. I am proud of my work with high-impact nonprofits in the transit, civic engagement, and small business spaces.

Thank you all for being loyal clients of DENOR. It is my hope that our relationship will only deepen with RW Jones Agency. Please reach out to me with any questions.


Ashley Northington


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