Last Wednesday, we had the honor of attending the Metro Nashville Government 2015 Annual Business Symposium hosted by the Metro Nashville Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance. The Office of Minority & Women Business Assistance is committed to assisting the development of minority, service disabled veterans, small and women owned businesses. They also offer several educational sessions for business advancement throughout the year.

Outside of being able to mingle and network with several local businesses, we were able to take away some skills that would help take ANY business to the next level. Cosmelitia Stowe-Sain of Coz and Associates presented our favorite session on the importance of customer service.

At DENOR Brands and Public Relations we are committed to providing our clients with an excellent and unforgettable customer service experience. Wowing customers, according to Sain, should be at the heart of any business in order to keep your customers happy and encourage them to do business with you again. Here are four ways to improve your customer’s experience.

1. Know your Customer Service Philosophy.

The first step to providing excellent customer service is to develop a philosophy of how you will provide services to your customers. Ingraining this philosophy into the heart and soul of your business will help you set a standard of service delivery and expectations for your customers. One way to develop this philosophy is to determine how you want your customers to feel after interacting with your business, and aligning your actions to match the feelings you want customers to experience. Once you have this figured out, you’ll know exactly how to provide customers with a great experience that WOWs them time and time again.

2. Visualize your business through your customer’s eyes.

In order to meet the needs of your customer, you must consider their needs. Customers want to feel appreciated and important. Consider different ways to accommodate your customers and make them feel special. You can show your customers you appreciate them by making small gestures such as sending birthday and/or anniversary cards, remembering special occasions, or calling them to see how they’re doing. You can also show appreciation by creating a family culture and listening to their feedback in order to make necessary changes that will ensure their experience with your business will be a great one.

3. Stick to your brand.

Your brand is the one thing that separates your business from others. Your brand and what it represents should speak through everything within your business. From phone calls to e-mails to social media posts to your web presence to in-person interactions, remember that everything you do (or don’t do) speaks volumes about your business. Make sure you’re always sending the right message.

4. Keep them coming back.

Providing next-level customer service will only help improve your business. In order to keep your customer you have to give them a reason to continue coming back. Give your customer a WOW experience with your business.


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