Too often do people talk about what they want to do in life. They talk about owning a home, starting a business, going back to school, and so on. They talk about taking the next step in their relationship or writing that best-seller. They talk and talk and talk until they’re old and gray and all that’s left for them to do is to… well, talk. Most people don’t DO. They dream as big as they can imagine, which is the first step, but they never take that next step in doing.

To help you stop talking and start taking some action, we’ve compiled a few tips. Read on to find out how to start DOING!

Admit It.

If you’re one of these loquacious people, it’s okay. As the saying goes, the first step is admitting it! Most people are not only all talk, but they also don’t realize the fact that they’re all talk. Take some time to yourself and think about the actions you’re taking in life to make your dream a reality. You want to buy a car; have you started looking around at lots or online? You want to go to grad school; have you started the application process? You want to get closer to your family; have you called your parents this week? If you come to find you’re not doing enough to make things happen, start making that change NOW.

Get Support.

We all need a little help sometimes – especially when it comes to bigger decisions. If you’re having trouble actually getting started on making your dreams happen, at least talk to the right people. Read it again – the RIGHT people. These are the people that that give you positive advice and motivate you to do better. With a supportive team, the action part comes a little easier. It’s better than feeling alone in your endeavors.

Do Your Research.

Okay, so we know everyone hates homework, but it’s good for you. Do some research on the dream you’re trying to create. If you want to become a screenwriter, start looking into how other screenwriters rose to fame. If you want to become an entrepreneur, go visit the owners of your local small businesses; ask them how they did it. If you want to write a book, read more to explore different writing styles that either work well, don’t work at all, or that can be combined to create something new. This research can be done in your downtime, meaning even if you’re not taking huge action, you’re still taking small, significant steps that will lead to your dream.

Set Small Goals.

Sometimes, it’s easier to break your big, seemingly impossible goal into smaller, more achievable goals. It helps you feel accomplished when you quickly and consistently achieve something small rather than waiting for forever attempting to achieve something huge. This positive reinforcement of getting some satisfaction from small achievements adds up and propels you forward. It motivates you and keeps you going until you reach that bigger goal, then the next goal, then the next, and so on.

Do It.

Just like the check – just do it. Talking about it, speaking it into existence, seeing and believing it – these are all very important as a FIRST step. However, you have got to move forward. You have to decide TODAY if this dream is what you really want. If it is, just go for it. Chances are, you already know what needs to be done to make your dream come true. You’re just holding back out of fear – fear of failure, loneliness, rejection from your peers, insecurity, or whatever. Everyone has some sort of fear that’s stopping them right now from doing what they are destined to do. The only way to move on is to stop talking, stop worrying, stop overthinking, and stop putting it off. JUST DO IT.



There are the five tips. It’s easy to read this and say, “Today’s the day I make this happen.” It’s hard to actually get up at this very moment and start making moves toward your goals. These tips alone won’t guarantee your success, but you working hard and consistently ACTING on your dreams will. Now get off of the web, and go put those dreams into action. We’re serious! Go get started on your goals!

If you’re that rebel who wants to stay for the extra bits, maybe you’ll be interested in a little more help. That’s okay! We’ve got just the thing. The Dream Planner is a tool created by our Founder, Ashley Northington, to help you go from dreaming to doing by laying it all out, step by step. The Dream Planner is available in three versions for students, entrepreneurs, and individuals. To learn more about this awesome journal, click here.






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