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A New Way To Worship – Theatre Church – launches in Baton Rouge

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The newly established ENCOUNTER Church Baton Rouge will engage worshippers by hosting its Sunday gatherings at the UA Citiplace Stadium Regal Theatres.

BATON ROUGE, La.  – A new way to worship through social interaction, secular involvement and spiritual inspiration is making its way to the Capitol City. Called the ENCOUNTER Church, worshippers will gather each Sunday in a unique place – a movie theater. The church will host its gatherings every Sunday, starting August 5, at 10 a.m. at the UA Citiplace Stadium Regal Theatres, located at 2610 CitiPlace Drive in Baton Rouge.

The new theatre church emphasizes multiculturalism and places a special importance on being relevant to all age demographics. Founded by Ricky Allmon, ENCOUNTER Church Baton Rouge is designed to cultivate its members through the principles of insight, inspiration and interaction.

“The ENCOUNTER is more than church, religion or tradition, Allmon said. “This is about building relationships and living consciously aware of who you are; what you’re called to do; and where you belong.”

The church’s services, known as Gatherings, are to be a place where individuals can explore their unique purposes, engage their passion and expand their possibilities, Allmon said. The 39-year-old Allmon, a Baton Rouge native who has traveled around the nation speaking through The IMPACT Group – a nonprofit leadership psychology and organizational consulting firm that provides motivation and mentorship to business and ministry professionals, leads the gatherings, which began in early July.

“The gatherings are an informal way to engage people – not only in conversations about their relationship with God, but also to engage them in conversations about their lives,” Allmon said.

The services are built around the mantra: It’s not church, it’s change; it’s not religion, it’s relationships and it’s not an experience, it’s an encounter. And, while Allmon said he believes his purpose is to touch lives so that they may change the world, the purpose of the ENCOUNTER Church Baton Rouge is three-fold. In short, it’s all about love.

“We want people to love God and tell everybody about him; love people and never talk about them; and love purpose and do something within purpose,” he said. “ENCOUNTER Baton Rouge is intentionally designed to empower spiritual seekers, social thinkers and secular leaders to become the movement that they have been waiting for. It is not only about you being changed it will also show you how to become the change.”

The ENCOUNTER is a global network designed to cultivate secular leaders, social thinkers and spiritual seekers through Insight, Inspiration, and Interaction to live out the purpose, passion and priorities that will create momentum for maximum productivity in every area of life.

The ENCOUNTER Baton Rouge meets at 10 a.m. on Sundays at the UA Citiplace Stadium Regal Theatres, located at 2610 CitiPlace Drive in Baton Rouge. Follow the church on Twitter @EncounterBR and ‘friend’ the church on Facebook by searching ENCOUNTERchurchBatonRouge.

About Ricky Allmon
Pastor Ricky Allmon acknowledged the call to the ministry at age eight. He began traveling and speaking as a licensed minister at the age of 11 and was ordained as a minister at age 19. After becoming an ordained minister, he began serving in his first Senior Pastorate. In addition to ministering, Allmon is also an author, life coach, executive coach, and motivational speaker.

As CEO of The Impact Group, he is committed to exploring new paradigms of purpose and productivity. He facilitates the ENCOUNTER, Where Eagles Gather, Millennial Mentorship and The “I AM” Empowerment Tour. The diverse speaker is committed to what he sees as a Millennium Movement and believes that it is his mission to “touch lives so that they can transform their world.”

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