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Ashley Northington Participates in Leadership Connect

By March 23, 2018 No Comments

Nashville’s Chamber of Commerce newest program is Leadership Connect, which is a sixth month long training program that will bring ten small business owners together to discuss and learn from each other the skills needed to excel as businesses and as community leaders. The program is an exclusive opportunity for small business owners. During the six month period, the small business owners will meet with CEO’s and community leaders to develop a better understanding in what is needed to move our region forward.

DENOR Brands and Public Relations very own Agency Director, Ashley Northington, will be actively participating in the Nashville’s Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Connect program.

“I believe I will contribute significantly to the educational landscape in Nashville. I will continue my work with schools, districts, and nonprofits to help serve students on a volunteer basis and help these groups advocate for smart policies that will ultimately push the needle of positivity forward so that more students and their families are positioned to thrive,” said Northington.

Leadership Connect strives to help bring small business owners from all walks of life to the table and help them grow as leaders in the community.

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