So many of us are multi-passionate, multi-talented idea churners who have the capacity to juggle many projects and side businesses at once.
That’s great.
But that won’t get you to brand success.3
Ask yourself the following, and write the answers in a notebook you keep up with:
– What do I love to do?
– What do I do really well?
– What would I do for free and still be joyful doing it?
– What do people love me to do for them?
– How can I create a revenue stream for what I love to do?
This should give you an idea of how you can tailor your business to best serve your customer. You should only be executing services in your business that meet the above criteria. For example, DB + PR previously offered full-scale event planning services for birthday parties, weddings, etc.
I love event design and planning process, but it doesn’t give me the same joy as brand strategy, brand marketing event strategy or any of our current services. I didn’t feel as if our strong team of communicators and strategists were party planners (though, we hang out with a few GREAT! ones, such as this one and this one). Therefore, I nixed all the event-planning services that don’t meet certain criteria. I’m much happier. So are my clients. 

I’m willing to bet you will be too once you hone in on your gift.





DENOR Brands + Public Relations has the distinct honor of being recognized as both the best public relations firm and the best marketing firm in Nashville.

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