Sometimes business owners get caught in a dangerous trap.

It’s called EGO.

We think that our business is all about us. We think that everything survives and thrives in our business universe because WE make it happen. It is especially so during the solopreneur phase.

We forget about the family and friends who have supported us along the way, or offered us an encouraging word.

We forget about the partners, vendors, mentors and others who have helped us get to where we are currently.2

Most of all, we forget about the customer!

Our customers don’t care about our ego. They don’t care that we are fabulous.

What they want to know is if they’ll be fabulous as a result of working with us.

A true brand master, one who is on the way to creating a lasting brand that achieves great success, is one who never forgets about the customer. In fact, a brand master knows everything about his or her ideal customer.

What do you know about your ideal customer – the group of people or businesses you wish to serve?



To help you along, download the customer profile worksheet.

This customer profile worksheet will help you identify everything there is to know about your target or ideal customer. Once you know your customer, you’ll be able to serve them better. Great service that focuses on the customer’s needs is the first step to building a dynamic brand.





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