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Damien Sneed Releases God Bless Amercia Single

NEW YORK CITY (May 21, 2013) – Le Chateau Earl Records celebrates the release of “God Bless America,” a stirring rendition of the American patriotic classic performed by Chorale Le Chateau featuring Chenee Campbell.

The single comes from Introspections LIVE, the critically acclaimed album debut of Damien Sneed.

Sneed said this of the single, “It feels as if our nation is under siege. Senseless gun violence plagues our inner city neighborhoods with no regard for the lives of the innocent. Fires, floods, tornadoes, continually test us – our hope and faith are daily diminished. If there was ever a time that we needed to join together in continual prayers for our nation, that time is now. It is our hope that hearing this arrangement of God Bless America will draw us to prayer and allow the healing to begin.

Chorale Le Chateau is developing a remarkable reputation for its vivid interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance period pieces to jazz, spirituals, gospel, and avant garde contemporary music. This musical ensemble will join legendary jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis for a multi-city tour of the Abyssinian Mass.

The “God Bless America” single is one of several project releases from Le Chateau Earl Records. In June the label will release, Spiritual Sketches, another eagerly awaited project featuring the lead single “All Night, All Day” by Sneed and world-renowned tenor Lawrence Brownlee. In addition, a live recording from Damien Sneed featuring The Levites is scheduled for the summer as well as the album debut of newcomer Tekesha Russell.

Click here to listen to the single: 07 – God Bless America (feat. Chenee Campbell & Chorale Le Chateau)









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