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Fit and Fly Fitness Sponsoring Memphis Naturals in the City event

The Memphis-based brand Fit and Fly Fitness will sponsor the third-annual Naturals in the City (NITC). The NITC event, which will be held at Minglewood Hall on Saturday, July 19, focuses on all-things related to natural African-American hair.

Professional hairstylists will demonstrate their expertise with a series of helpful techniques on how to handle kinky, natural hair to women and men who wear natural hair, or are interested in wearing their hair free of chemicals or other products used to straighten hair natural. The event focuses on healthy, natural hair, while Fit and Fly Fitness encourages women to look great and be healthy in natural ways – a perfect combination. Learn more about NITC at

Brandy McCarley, founder of the Fit and Fly brand, known as the Fit and Fly Diva, will be on hand to educate women on how to improve and enhance their spiritual, mental and physical wellness. She’ll be giving her best tips on how women can get fit and look fly.

The goal of Fit and Fly Fitness  is to inspire and empower women everywhere to get fit and look fly by adopting holistically healthy lifestyles. The company aims to bring awareness to a myriad of healthful activities, while cultivating interest in alternative sports arenas, namely competitive bodybuilding.

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