Twitter is all about having dynamic, informative, and continuous conversations with like-minded individuals. There are hundreds of millions of both users and tweets on the platform daily who are talking about the same things that you are. Every brand or business might not have a place on Twitter, but if yours does, stake your claim (Immediately!). Navigate Twitter for you, your brand, and your business the right way with these five tips.


Follow Up


Sending different tweets with different angles to cover all US time zones will get you seen by a different audience each time. Keep mixing up your tweets with relevant tidbits and interesting statistics. Address tweets to the individual by using the word “you,” e.g., “Why You Should Focus on 10% of Your Prospect List.”


Curate Lists


Speaking of lists, lists are an interesting organizational feature on Twitter. A list is a curated group of Twitter users that you can create, search, and subscribe to. Viewing and creating lists are good for engagement and awareness. Within a list, you can add anyone from your industry or niche to a list and always have a continued stream of tweets from those users only. You can create one or multiple lists to filter out the excess noise Twitter can bring. This way, you can focus only on the topics and people you care about. To create a list, go to your “Lists” page by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “Lists” from the menu. Click “Create List,” add a short description, adjust privacy settings, and then save.


Connect and Converse


Like offline communication, online communication is a two-way street. To engage and increase your audience and consumer base, follow people! Follow thought leaders and other brands, even if they are your competitors, to get both intelligence and inspiration. Twitter is all about communicating, and it makes it very easy to do so with just a simple tweet. Converse with those people, and make yourself a familiar face.


Share the Spotlight


It’s not all about you. On Twitter, you can share the spotlight. Share relevant content by retweeting. Don’t be afraid to share content even though you didn’t create it. It’s okay to contribute to a conversation rather than starting it – it shows that you play fair and are willing to listen to others in your industry. Don’t hoard content, and do more than just tweet. Retweet, quote tweet, and reply. Communication, again, is a two-way street.


Quality, Not Quantity


Having a large following on Twitter is what everyone wants, but it is meaningless unless you have a connection to back it up with. There are several ways to get followers, like the follow-first rule, the favorites-follower rule, and the offer-follower rule: you hope for a follow back, a follow after a favorited tweet, and an offer in exchange for a follow. Even if your following isn’t massive, focus on creating mutually beneficial connections with your followers and audience. Don’t feel pressure to spam the timeline with tweets either. Focus on meaningful relationships and high-value content.


When used effectively, Twitter can help bring you and your brand or business recognition and awareness. You don’t have to have tons of followers or tons of tweets to boost brand awareness. The point of Twitter is to engage, so do so – it is a social network after all. Offer your thoughts, connect with people in your industry, and engage in chats. These simple acts can spread your profile, and thus your business, far an




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