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Five Tips to Successfully Build a School’s Brand

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A lot of schools fail to realize that they have a brand and it consist of more than a mascot and a school logo. A school brand is important when attracting parents and student or even possible investors. Listed below are five tips to begin to help develop a school’s brand or rebrand.

Create Awareness

It is important for school to create awareness of their brand. This can be done through the creation of a mission statements, logos, school paraphernalia, or an increase in school colors around the school. The school needs to make sure its new brand is constantly being re-enforced to students and parents maybe through increased school events or letters home.

Be Consistent

Once the school has discovered what it’s new brand is, consistency is the next big thing. Consistency is necessary to re-enforce the new brand. Inconsistency when it comes to the use of logos, images and even slogans challenge many schools. Brand inconsistency can happen for several reasons but to avoid that try developing a style guide for the school that provides clear visuals that the school will use for example logos or headers and fonts.


As stated before brands are not just a mascot and a logo, but interactions are also very important when building a brand. A school should interact with its students and parents in a genuine way to provide more than a surface brand. For example, if teachers sent out monthly updates about their students, this shows the school is dedicated to informing parents and building a strong parent teacher relationship. Remember the school is a part of a larger community. Get the school engaged with the parents and the rest of the community.

Check Out the Competition

Your competitors would be a great place to see other school branding examples, since the other schools have many similar objectives and target audiences. When looking at other schools branding strategies critically look at your school’s brand compared to the others. Take the time to figure out what that school is advancing in and if there is something your school can build from. Also analyze and figure out what your school brand strengths are.


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