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Snapchat is generally associated with the younger crowd for fun, but it can also be used to benefit your business. In this blog, we’ll be discussing tips on how to strategically use Snapchat to share your brand’s story. To start, let’s explore what a snap is. A snap is basically a video or picture (both of which may last up to 10 seconds) that is posted on your Snapchat.

Make it Personal

Snapchat can be used to humanize your brand, which simply means putting a face to that company name. Humanizing your brand allows people to trust your business, leading to higher customer loyalty. The idea behind Snapchat is that the short 10 second video clips are small “snaps” of that person’s life. For example, a company that sells cupcakes could post snaps of the daily batch being baked, the finishing touches on the icing, the long line of customers filing in the doorway, and so on. This just allows people more insight into what your business is about.

Make it Exclusive

Snapchat allows people to feel important and exclusive. You can only see someone’s snaps if you have added them as a friend and vice versa. Examples: Top fashion brands, like Michael Kors, use Snapchat to debut new collections before they are seen on the runway. Restaurants, like Taco Bell, use Snapchat to reveal new menu items before they’re shared on other platforms. Taking advantage of the privacy will allow your audience to feel privileged and special. It can serve as a reward for the followers.

Make it Engaging

Snapchat has been extremely successful in boosting audience engagement. Promotions and Giveaways are not new to social media, but Snapchat allows for quick and easy launching of content and even quicker responses. Your business could feature a contest for its followers, in which everyone could take a selfie of themselves with the product or service your company offers. They’d then upload the snap, and a winner could be chosen at random. This forces people to act quickly because snaps are only available for 24 hours after posted. Once that day is gone, the audience will have missed their chance.

Make it Compelling

Your Snapchat posts are called “stories.” Each day, you have the chance to literally tell your business’s story. Everything you post should be and is a reflection of your brand, so be cautious of the story you’re telling. For example, your company could devote a day to posting snaps about how the company was started by including an interview with the founder, a picture of the first dollar made, a video of current employees’ positive views on the business, and so forth. Your daily stories allow you to keep the branding going.

Make it Fun

Snapchat is simply the new trend, and it is fun! The majority of users are in their late teens to early 30s. Keeping up with current trends in order to draw more attention to your brand is extremely important. Don’t be afraid to have some fun! Music producer, DJ Khaled is one of the most prominent Snapchat users, and he has created the phrase “major key,” which he uses alongside the key emoji. His snaps consist of daily advice and motivation, explaining to his followers what the keys to success are. His videos have gone viral, and the phrase and emoji have crossed into other social media channels with memes and hashtags.

There you have it. Five tips for strategizing Snapchat for your business. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it gets results. Snapchat has definitely evolved into a major key. Try it out, and see how it works for you! Thanks for reading, and be sure to add us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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