How to use Instagram stories for your business

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Typically, Instagram is used for photo and short video sharing but the social network recently added a new live-stories feature very similar to Snapchat. When we first heard about Instagram stories at Denor Brands and Public Relations, like most people we were confused and upset because we were just getting use to Snapchat, right?


Believe me, we understand your frustration. As business owners and brand builders, we know how hard it is to keep up with all the new social networks and their changes but surprisingly this new Instagram feature can simplify your life. Look at it this way, instead of creating a separate profile and trying to convert your followers to a new social network, you get to share several forms of content on one platform, Instagram.


Just like Snapchat, Instagram stories are temporary videos or photos that are strung together to form a gallery that tells a story.


How to use Instagram stories:

  1. Tell a story: With this new feature you can put a face and personality to your brand and display exclusive content that shows what your business does on a daily basis.
  2. Make it cool: Offer your audience exclusive content. This new feature allows businesses to display “real-time” and give their audience direct access to whatever may be going on that day (live events, backstage access, behind the scenes, new products, etc.)
  3. Keep your audience coming back for more: In order to keep your audience tuned in, you have to continuously offer them something new. A great way to do that with this new feature is by hosting giveaways, discounts or even an exclusive hashtag of the day.


And just like that your business is ready to use Instagram stories.


Good luck Insta-snapping!

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