When we decided to redesign our web site, we wanted to launch a hip and new feature to interact with our colleagues, clients, potential clients, friends and supporters. A new blog seemed to be the best fit.




For the most part, we’ll discuss the latest trends and topics in publicity, branding and messaging. We will use examples in news, politics, education, entertainment and business to make our points. And, we’ll do it under three tags: Where is Your Publicist?; No this Pitch Didn’t!; and The Perfect Pitch.


Entries in Where is Your Publicist? will highlight significant blunders that beg the namesake’s question. Posts tagged in No this Pitch Didn’t! (special thanks to Crystal Ellis, our owner’s best friend, for this name) will highlight unique approaches to generating publicity or the cunning approaches used in messaging.  The Perfect Pitch will celebrate successful public relations and messaging campaigns. Sounds cool, right?


Occasionally, we may deviate from this approach and post resources for public relations, marketing, branding or business professionals.  If you have suggestions or comments, leave them in the comment section below. We look forward to your feedback.


With that, we introduce to you The Pitch. Hope you catch it.

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