#LiveYourBrand (v) – The consistent and persistent act of aligning your actions with your messages (doing what you say) so that you connect with your ideal clients or customers in a meaningful way.

For Writers, Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Healers, Consultants and Solopreneurs who want to:


You’re about to make magic happen. Right here. Right now.

You’ve already created a dynamic product and/or service that serves your client base well. But you want more. You want to take your business to the next level by positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

You’ve heard about all the things that make an extraordinary personal brand – blogging, social media, e-mail marketing, public speaking and the like. The trouble is, you’re not sure where to begin.

We will give you the push you need to rocket launch your brand and your business to the moon.

Maybe you’re struggling with writing a decent bio. Perhaps you have an e-mail list, but you never offer any valuable content. Or, you have a great desire to get speaking engagements, but you aren’t sure how to do it. You might be aware that you need to be active on social media, but you aren’t seeing any tangible results from it yet. Or, you’re not sure how to connect with your client base in a meaningful way.

Whatever the issue – perhaps it’s one or two or all of the above – #LiveYourBrand will help you solve it.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have years invested in your business, #LiveYourBrand will help you define your branddevelop your brand’s unique story and give you the tools and resources to share your story with the world. Most importantly, #LiveYourBrand is about connecting you with a solid strategy that helps you LIVE your brand – that is ensuring that your messaging and marketing activities align with your business and who you say you are. #LiveYourBrand is going to help you talk the talk and walk the walk.

If you’re willing to do the work, the multi-part series, led by Ashley Northington of DENOR Brands & Public Relations, will help you package and share the incredible value you bring to the table with your ideal audience. Once you implement these proven strategies, you’ll have an authentic personal brand that helps you make a difference in the world, attracts more clients, and boosts your bottom line.

What You Get

  • Three modules geared to helping you clearly articulate your purpose, develop messages that appeal to your ideal customers and take intentional action so that your brand is front and center among your audience.
  • One group strategy session so that you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback.
  • Access to proven digital media resources that will help you use your web site, e-mail list, social media platforms and other digital tools to grow your business.

How You Benefit

You walk away with a solid plan of action to take your brand to the next level.

You walk away with clear, targeted action to help you get front and center among your target audience.

You walk away with proven strategies that will help you increase your presence and boost your bottom line.

What People Are Saying

The #LiveYourBrand class helped me to answer the internal questions I had about branding. I offer branding services to my clients but it was more on a general, surface level. After taking the #LiveYourBrand class, I now have a formula to help my clients specifically break down exactly who their products or services benefits directly. The formula is a morale booster, too, because it allows my clients to reflect on their successes. How can you not be happy after you remember you're really great at what you do? This #LiveYourBrand class is beneficial to any business owner or individual who is serious about connecting their talents with their customers immediately. You will be able to take the knowledge and apply it even after the first session. The class is interactive and the facilitator, Ashley, was very nurturing when she had to push some of us out of our comfort zones. I can tell Ashley didn't just want us to attend the class but she wanted us to be able to really grasp the material and #LiveYourBrand. Do your brand a favor, sign up now and thank me later!

TJ Jefferson |Principal Owner, Fresh Touch Publicity

Ashley is an invaluable resource and an industry game changer! #LiveYourBrand is top notch and my experience was worth the investment. Ashley is awesome and I encourage you to join her program today! #LiveYourBrand is for authors, speakers, coaching, and online marketers that may be struggling to communicate their message to their intended target audience. Ashley will coach you on how to articulate and communicate who you are so you can target your audience in a more effective manner. I benefited tremendously from #LiveYourBrand and can now confidently express who I am, how I help my audience and why I want to serve them with tools and resources to help them breakthrough to the next level.

Brandon Mack | Author, Coach of #IRiseforLove

Leveraging social media, showing my true personality and consistency are all areas that make a brand work. Ashley Northington of DENOR Brands & Public Relations helped me see that I need these components in both my personal and business brands. Working with Ashley has helped me to open my eyes to what I can accomplish inside and outside the sphere of my brands and it has created a surge of excitement. With Ashley’s help, I no longer have to wonder what my next step will be; I now have a detailed plan and calendar that helps me move forward for the next year.

Pam Williamson | Lead Blogger, ThatMakesSense.net

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Your Investment

One Payment Of $97


Define Your Brand

WHO ARE YOU? We’re going to go through a series of interactive activities that get to the root of this question. We’re going to identify your strengths, pinpoint your audience and explore possible revenue streams. We’re going to develop your powerful brand statement – a statement that will guide your messaging and interactions from here on out. 

Develop Your Story

Why are you on the specific path you’re on? What motivates you? What drives you to success? We’re going to tap into those questions and more to develop your authentic brand story. We are going to craft a story that is relatable, memorable and sharable within your ideal audience. 

Sharing Your Story

We’re going to make sure you walk away from class with more than an elevator pitch. Your personal brand is a lot more than what you say about yourself. We’re going to develop a 12-month plan to ensure your online and offline actions are aligned with your messaging. 

Cool Bonuses!

Visual Brand Identity Tips and Resources from Dana James Mwangi of Cheers Creative. Dana will show you how to create a visual brand identity that attracts your target audience and earns you revenue. Learn more about Dana here. See her work here.


Complimentary Digital Copy of #BossLiving: A Practical Guide for Starting Your Sustainable Small Business. #BossLiving is aimed at helping new business owners navigate the steps of business ownership, refine their ideas and execute their ideas with realistic action steps. Learn more here.


Complimentary Digital Copy of Counting Dollars & Likes: Growing Your Business and Brand in the Digital Age. This book, which will be released in 2016, will discuss the convergence of business, branding and social media. It will give business owners the tools to leverage personal brand development, social media and strategic offline actions to grow their business presence and revenue. Note: You will receive a coupon to claim this bonus and notification on when to use it once the book is released.


What People Are Saying

#LiveYourBrand has been very helpful to me. Ashley has helped me really get clear on who I am. She has brought out things to help me define myself and define my passion for helping others. I had been struggling with doing such, and she made it so simple for me to really define who I am. The technique and approach are great. I think it is really beneficial to anyone interested in building a dynamic personal brand.

Kiyona Brown | IHM Solutions

Keen insight, sharp mind. Ashley’s contagious enthusiasm and clarity equipped me with the confidence, motivation, and ability to not only disinter a calling so deeply buried it was almost unrecognizable but to also express it plainly to the world. In short, Ashley Northington was a vital instrument in the development of my brand. I would recommend her, without reservation, to all those in need of an eager and able guide to illuminate their pursuits to confront a dream.

April Reynolds | Educational Consultant

I like that Ashley managed to give everyone personal individual feedback during the conference call. She made everyone comfortable in sharing their goals. #LiveYourBrand was NOT regurgitated material that I've seen hundreds of times on branding blogs. This workshop was thought out and the REAL deal.

Dana James Mwangi | Lead Designer, Cheers Creative

Sign Up Today!

Class Access will be given via e-mail on Wednesday, December 16.

Your Investment

One Payment Of $97