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New York Times notes Damien Sneed, Chorale Le Chateau

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Damien Sneed and Chorale LeChateau will travel on tour with legendary trumpeter Wynton Marsalis during the 16-city tour of the Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration. The upcoming tour and mentions of Sneed and the Chorale were highlighted in a blog produced by the New York Times.

Sneed, a Grammy-nominated conductor, composer and pianist, will join more than 70 musicians during the tour. The ensemble will perform in New York City; Boston; Washington, D.C.; New Orleans; Houston; Dallas; St. Louis; and Kansas City. The tour, titled “Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration,” will run from Oct. 3 – Oct. 27.

Of the tour, the blog states:

“Mr. Marsalis, the jazz trumpet virtuoso who leads Jazz at Lincoln Center, composed the lengthy piece to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, mixing gospel and jazz idioms. An elaborate concert piece that traverses jazz history, from spirituals to hard bop, “Abyssinian Mass” was first performed in New York in 2008, with a 100-member choir from the Harlem church it celebrated, and then again in London in 2011.

“But Mr. Marsalis and his 15-member orchestra have never tried to tour with the work, in part because it requires such a big choir. This week, however, officials at Jazz at Lincoln Center said plans for an American tour had been finalized: it will begin in Chapel Hill, N.C., on Oct. 3and run through Oct. 27, with a final performance at Symphony Hall in Boston.

“… [T]he orchestra and the Chorale Le Chateau, a New York-based gospel choir led by Damien Sneed, will travel by bus between the cities.”

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