We worked with Meltdown Momma to refresh its visual brand identity, clarify its brand messaging, and develop an action plan for continued success.

The relatively new brand had struggled with connecting with its intended audience in a meaningful way. The brand’s elements were disjointed. The colors were not consistent. The font and logo had undergone several changes and did not reflect the energy of the brand. The brand’s blog was housed on a separate site from the primary brand web site. Most importantly, the passion of the brand founder was muffled underneath all the elements.


We proposed a complete brand overhaul. We decided to update the brand logo, colors, fonts, and other supporting visual brand identity elements. We directed two photoshoots used to highlight the energy and personality of Meltdown Momma’s founder. We also overhauled the brand’s messaging by developing a narrative that clarified the brand’s target audience, highlighted audience benefits, and provided clear guidance on how the audience could develop a deeper relationship with the brand.


To the right is a screenshot of the previous web site. Above is a screenshot of the web homepage we designed.

Our first step was to overhaul the brand messaging.

Below is a sample of the brand messaging displayed on the homepage before and after our work.

Our second step was to overhaul the visual brand identity.

This is a look at the before and after pictures of the brand logo and web site.

Here’s a look at a few photographs from the brand photoshoots. We were certain to take photographs that highlighted the brand founders personality and those with her family that would showcase the founder as a loving wife and dedicated mother.

Our next step was to determine how we’d share the brand message through strategic action.

We wanted to create more opportunities for the brand to share its message with its intended audience. One way to do that is to get its founder to share her story with targeted individuals.


When our sub brand, #LiveYourBrand hosted its signature online conference, DreamFest Digital, we invited Meltdown Momma founder Domonique Townsend to share her brand story and value with her audience.


The value she shared during DreamFest is to the left.

One of Domonique’s huge plans for her brand was to create a documentary to explore the lives of working mothers as they grapple with integrating work and home while pursuing their passions, accomplishing their entrepreneurial dreams, and climbing the corporate ladder. The documentary will share these mothers’ fears, their insecurities, and the reasons they find it difficult to reach their best. The ultimate goal of the documentary is spark discussion around how the modern workday should evolve to support ambitious working mothers who want to excel in their careers and be fully present for their families.

Meltdown Momma was immediately chosen to participate in an iFundWomen campaign in Nashville. The campaign kicked off in an exclusive event with Nashville Mayor Megan Barry.

We collaborated with Tim Duggan to help produce and script the video used to pitch the documentary to potential funders. While the brand did not reach its individual fund goal through the crowdfunding platform, it did secure two major corporate sponsorships worth more than $10,000.

You can learn more about the documentary (and donate!) here.

The Meltdown Momma brand has a 12-month action plan designed to help it reach its audience in a meaningful way. The brand is equipped with action steps to enhance its online and in-person presence with ambitious working mothers.


There is much more to come from Meltdown Momma, and we’ll be there along the way as we will continue to assist the brand in its efforts.


Learn more and check out this dynamic brand here: www.meltdownmomma.com.

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