Ashley worked with our large committee and implemented a new measure to ensure our partners communicated a consistent message about the conference. She also developed the popular Business of Beauty workshop to provide business development education and inspiration to aspiring and emerging personal care entrepreneurs – a group of business owners we have not traditionally targeted. I believe her character, work ethic, and dedication to business is worthy to be praised.

Marilyn Robinson | Executive Director | Nashville Minority Business Center

I am so glad I attended the Business of Beauty workshop. I learned a lot of information that I did not know, and I've been in business several years. I appreciated this experience tremendously because this type of workshop is not something that is traditionally offered in our industry.

Michelle Williams | Owner, The Nail Gallery

My thanks is overdue for the great event you hosted, the Business of Beauty!
It was great! Very informative. I met some awesome people.

Sharon Campbell | Owner, Glam Studio of Brentwood