Based on Sidney’s Facebook fan page interaction, we were able to generate the following organic (non-paid) impressions:

— A picture of the lapel pin with comments that he supported St. Jude and would be wearing the pin to show his support. This image received 60 likes; 2 comments and reached 533 people. 

— A picture of the congratulatory message you sent. This picture received 100 likes, 14 comments, 1 share and reached 841 people.

— A link to a press release about his participation in the awards and his support. This link received 149 likes, 7 comments, 26 shares and reached 1,578 people. 

— Two pictures of him posing on the red carpet wearing the pin. One image received 146 likes, 1 comment, 1 share and reached 1,206 people; the other image received 249 likes, 26 comments, 11 shares and reached 3,640 people.

— A press release about his participation in the awards and his support of St. Jude was shared 26 times from Sidney’s page. Based on the analytics from the DENOR web site, more than 500 people in viewed the release.

— National news outlets photographed Sidney multiple times while he was wearing the St. Jude pin. We estimate the impressions both brands received were more than 250,000 for each feature in national outlets.

All in all, the fan social media postings made about 8,078 direct impressions. The total social media impressions are approximately 20,195.

Impressions for the St. Jude brand totaled more than one million.


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