Our Approach

Beyond Media Relations

We want you to know that public relations is so much more than press releases and relying on traditional media to share your story. We know you have a story to tell, and we'd love to help you share it.

We know public relations.

We exist to create extraordinary communication campaigns.

There is no rule that dictates the practice of public relations must rely heavily on sharing information with members of the media. In fact, public relations is not about traditional media at all. Public relations is a strategic business process that allows an organization to relate to its audiences. Simply put, public relations is about about communicating effectively and building mutually beneficial relationships with the people you want to serve - inside or outside your organization. Our approach to public relations follows.

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Our first step.

We listen to you, and your internal and external stakeholders.

Listening is a major part of any effective communication strategy. In order to develop a message that informs, inspires, and influences your audiences, we first have to get a baseline of where we are, identify what's missing, and understand what will resonate.

Our second step.

We get to the heart of your brand.

We help you deliver and keep your brand promise by getting to the heart of your brand. We go deep to understand how you want to be perceived and what you want your stakeholders to think, feel, say, and do as it relates to your organization.

Our third step.

We craft messages designed to build relationships and influence outcomes.

We expertly blend media and influencer relations with thoughtful brand strategy and engaging digital marketing strategies to create powerhouse brands that make the world a better place. Our marketing communication campaigns are specifically designed to inform, influence, and inspire your audience to develop a deeper relationship with your brand.

Our fourth step.

We focus on telling the right story to the right people at the right time on the right platforms.

We thoughtfully and carefully decide how and when your message should be shared. We don't just rely on one platform to make this happen. We rely on our command of social media, digital tools, traditional media, brand ambassadors, events, and more to amplify your most salient messages.

Our fifth step.

We're constantly listening, analyzing, and providing feedback.

After we share your messages to the right people on the right platforms and at the right time, we are constantly listening to the response, analyzing the reactions, looking for changes in behaviors, and reporting it back to you. We make pivots, as necessary.

“We have partnered with DENOR Brands + Public Relations for the past three years to provide internal and external communications for our various community audiences. Since that time, our enrollment applications have increased, parents have become more engaged, and alumni and other community leaders have become more supportive."”

Justin BlanchardAssociate Executive Director, Friendship Louisiana

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