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Victoria Roberts joins Baton Rouge Social Media Club Board of Directors

By January 14, 2013 No Comments

Baton Rouge entrepreneur Victoria A. Roberts joined the Baton Rouge Social Media Association’s (BRSocME) Board of Directors as its Events Committee Chair. Roberts, owner of the event-planning boutique VAR Events, began the two-year post in January.

The Baton Rouge Social Media club began in March 2010 by a group of influential bloggers to discuss the digital future of Louisiana’s Capitol City and how social media—blogs, Twitter, Facebook and others—played into that future. Learn more about the BRSocME at

Roberts launched her event-design company in 2011. She is known for throwing events with sophistication and flair.  Roberts stays on the cutting edge of event, music and fashion trends bringing innovation, inspiration and imagination to every design.

Connect with Victoria on Twitter at @VictoriaAR. Learn more about VAR Events at






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