The head of Louisiana’s controversial new system to evaluate public school teachers has not taken the appropriate steps to renew her own certificate. In fact, it doesn’t seem like she even plans on taking those steps at all.


In her defense, the 27-year-old Molly Hortsman said, “My job does not require that I go into the classroom to teach right now.”




It is ironic Hortsman would allow her certificate to lapse when the program she oversees will evaluate thousands of teachers statewide. The evaluation tool will be a key factor in determining whether teachers will lose certification (which you have to have in order to lose it) or become tenured.


Those whom she will evaluate must obtain certification or a license in order to be in the classroom at all. At this point, Hortsman has neither. But, that’s beside the point.


We think she should not have commented at all. With that, we ask, Molly Hortsman, where is your publicist?

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